ED&BM to resume blogging from…. Hong Kong and Guilin, China!

I’m taking my appetite with me to Hong Kong, Macau and Guilin for the next week and a half. My other half will be joining me from Vietnam. And we both plan to eat some unique foods. Just remember that the Chinese will eat anything on the ground with legs except for chairs and anything in the sky except for planes. Let’s just see how far that ideology takes me. Have a great week and of course, thank you for the readership.

For those interested…
Hong Kong

10 Responses to “ED&BM to resume blogging from…. Hong Kong and Guilin, China!”

  1. daddy in a strange land Says:

    Was just looking at Jeni’s pix on her site. Have a great trip!

  2. KirkK Says:

    I love that photo(shopped….) have a great time! I know we’ll be reading all about it.

  3. marias23 Says:

    omg, dude! i’m so jealous! hong kong is like THE food heaven!

  4. jinius Says:

    stay away from the card board filled pork buns 😉

  5. Bon Vivant Says:

    I love it! Chairman eatdrink&bemerry!

  6. Eddie Lin Says:

    Your Mao has some kind of thyroid condition, homes.

    I dare you to hang out with all the Hong Kong Filipina domestics on Sunday (their day off) and eat their food. That would be rad.

  7. SteamyKitchen Says:

    We need to get our hands on this umbrella:


  8. Yoonyang Says:

    Hope you guys are having a wonderful time! See ya when you get back. Terence misses you! : P

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Word to the wise: may want to break that post into a few entries.

  10. Anonymous Says:

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