State Bird Provisions, San Francisco. Inside the Kitchen with Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski.

Last August, Jeni and I had dinner at State Bird Provisions. It was already very popular and well-known amongst the locals and fortunately we were able to get a table quite easily. In the last seven months, many good things have happened to the quaint eatery run by husband-wife/chef-duo Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski including Bon Appetit’s “Best New Restaurant in America 2013” and a James Beard nomination. From Instagram photos, I’d see 20-30 people already queueing up for a seat before the restaurant even opened. One would think there was a secret concert being held inside, but no – it’s just amazing food being made. Each time we return to San Francisco, we end up here. Not simply because of the food, but because of the whole experience. We love the chefs, the team and the service. Anyone that has been will probably speak the same.  Knowing we’re big fans of their food, Stuart and Nicole invited us in to photograph their food and team in action. I can tell you, it is very difficult to keep focus when your subject is a tasty piece of sea urchin atop a sourdough pancake with shoyu reduction.

Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski. Their first date in 1994 was at a pho restaurant in Cupertino. Awesome. Follow his awesome tour of the Fish Sauce Trail in Vietnam with Top Chef Paul Qui of Uchiko (Austin, TX) and Edward Lee of 610 Magnolia (Louisville, KY).


Stuart and Nicole infuse Asian ingredients into their dishes. Always delicious and well-balanced. I believe these ingredients are used to spice their pork ribs.

Produce you’ll never find in Trader Joe’s.

Preparing to roast some rosemary almonds.

Nicole making her famous Sabayon “ice cream” sandwiches.




Six-minute eggs!

Stuart shaving some of his house-cured egg yolk bottarga atop his kimchi and yuba “noodle” dish. I love this dish – nothing was left behind.


Nicole making dough for her fry-bread. Another not to miss item.



Sourdough pancakes, another one of State Bird Provisions’ signature dishes. There are both sweet and savory versions to choose from. I always go with uni and ikura (salmon roe).

Stuart is also an avid Instagrammer. Follow them at @StateBirdSF.

Seared Steak, maitake mushrooms and brussel sprouts with shoyu glaze. Fantastic.

Pan-seared trout with Red Boat fish sauce vinaigrette, hazelnuts and tangerines. I’m a Red Boat fanatic.




It was an awesome afternoon photographing State Bird Provisions and hanging out. Good food is best made by good people. Thanks to S+N, Elizabeth and team. Thanks for reading.

State Bird Provisions
1529 Fillmore St.
San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 795-1272

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  1. gastronomer Says:

    Killer action shots, D! Floating egg yolk botarga was my fave.

  2. weezermonkey Says:


  3. Pan-seared trout with red boat fish sauce | Joy+Gluttony Says:

    […] Source: Eat Drink + Be Merry […]

  4. Elizabeth DePalmer Says:

    You two have an incredible sense of style and it was our pleasure having you here at State Bird Provisions! Thanks for the lovely post and wonderful photographs….I can’t decide which is my favorite: the floating egg bottarga (that dish is sublime and you managed to capture it’s beauty), Nicole and Stuart on the pegboard, Stuart’s ink, the pancakes, the trout….too many choices!

  5. marla Says:

    Stunning blog post ~ Stuart & Nicole were great subjects to photograph as are their glorious food creations.

  6. fooddouche Says:

    Looks amazing. Will have to visit on my next trip.

  7. Dylan Says:

    Hi Marla! Thank you for stopping by. Hope you’ll get to eat there soon. It’s a 60 day reservation!

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