about ed + bm

I’ve been writing the Eat Drink & Be Merry site since 2005.  Over the years, I’ve been sharing my experiences with food, cooking, traveling, photography and life with my wife Jeni, who writes Oishii Eats.  We met each other through our food sites and continue to enjoy the pleasures of eating, cooking and traveling together.  I am a firm believer that everything we do involves food and it is what brings people, families and cultures together.  The people behind the food are just as important as the food they cook. This ideology lends itself to many stories and experiences that I enjoy writing about.  I’ve grown and learned a lot about life through the writing of food and in joyful reciprocation, I hope that I can teach you something new about food, open your mind to other cultures and encourage you to eat something you’ve never eaten.

I am an advertising art director and a food, travel and lifestyle photographer.  I’m based in Los Angeles, but constantly traveling to satisfy my wanderlust.  -Dylan