WonderTune Charleston. Hot, Humid + Awesome.

Friday, June 14th, 2013

WT Charleston

It’s only been a few hours since we landed into Charleston, South Carolina. I had planned this trip a while back for Jeni’s birthday and as I’m sitting at an AirBnB property we’re staying in along the river, I’m feeling super excited for the unexpected. Earlier this year, we were in Nashville and Louisville and got a taste of the Southern(Eastern) hospitality. The food and scene here has been happening for a while and even more so with Chef Mike Lata and Chef Sean Brock’s two restaurants, Husk and McCrady’s. And there are many other promising places on the eatinerary. You can follow us on Instagram @eeddbbmm and @oishiieats and see if Charleston might be a possible destination for you soon. We know nothing about Charleston! Enjoy the latest mix and stay tuned.

Featured in WonderTune Charleston:

Blue Hawaii
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.
DJ Shadow + Little Dragon
French Kicks
John Talabot
Local Natives
Mayer Hawthorne
Royal Bangs
The Ruby Suns
Still Corners

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WonderTune Tequila

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

WT Tequila
It’s been only 8 hours since I returned from my 5 day trip to Guadalajara, Mexico. I went to Guadalajara for the first time 3 years ago to photograph one of Mexico’s most loved dish, birria. This time around, I wanted to go back and document the process behind making tequila. With a running shot list in mind, I landed at Guadalajara ready to hit the ground running. My guide and friend, Chuy Tovar, is a business consultant working primarily in the tequila and restaurant industry. He invited me to join him on his next business trip and I couldn’t say no. But as the hours and days passed by, I realized that this wasn’t really going to be much about tequila at all. And this was a good thing. As much as I enjjoy GOOD tequila, seeing the people that work so hard to produce this liquor only made me appreciate tequila even more. Through my limited comprehension of Spanish and Chuy’s interpreting, I was able to share many laughs and stories with people I would never in my life meet. They won’t be easily forgotten as well. There’s only so much I can share through photography, and until you go yourself, you’ll understand what I felt this weekend meeting the wonderful people in the small towns of Jalisco.  Give me some time to prepare the story and photos, and I will share.  Enjoy the mix and thanks for reading.

Featured in WonderTune Tequila:

Atlas Sound
Blackbird Blackbird
Class Actress
Daft Punk feat. Pharrell
Devendra Banhart
Du Tonc
The Flaming Lips
Giraffage vs. Teen Daze
Gung Ho
Jon Phonics
Teen Daze
Young Summer
Youth Lagoon

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WonderTune København | Copenhagen. First Time in Scandinavia.

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

WT Copenhagen
For the first time since we met each other in 2006, we’ll be traveling independently aside from work/shoots. My freelance schedule actually conflicts with Jeni’s spring break this time and I wasn’t going to let her vacation time go to waste. She’ll finally be going to Copenhagen and enjoying NOMA, Geranium, Manfred’s, Kødbyens Fiskebar, Restaurant Radio, Coffee Collective and many more amazing Danish-y things. I’m happy for her, jealous, excited and sad at the same time. Here’s my mix for her while she endures the 25 degree weather haha! Follow her Danish-y and French-y travels on Instagram @oishiieats. Thanks for reading and listening – enjoy!

Big Black Delta
Billa Qause
Bloc Party
Crystal Castles
The Detroit Experiment
Frankie Rose
Gung Ho
Ivan & Alyosha
Little Dragon
Pepper Rabbit
Portugal. The Man
The Ruby Suns
Teen Daze
Toro y Moi
Wild Nothing

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